How Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Uses AI And Machine Learning


Baidu is currently considered as a pack leader among Chinese internet entities because he is in the race to develop and deploy machine and deep learning technology. Google and Amazon, self-education, natural pure technology, are being incorporated in both their basic services, as well as supporting US counterparts, and is used to deal with new ways.

Used to diversify edge artificial intelligence (AI) methods such as machinery learning and deep learning, to improve the benefits of improving industries as finance and health care. The basic idea is that we teach computers to learn at the same time, when we decide to do so when it is not trustworthy, maximum and less than humans.

China’s genealogy – most importantly, the audio and online retailers have received relatively little coverage in the western media in the Alenca and Chancellor Chancellor Tencent-AI field, according to the American genre. It’s starting to change because China service providers are increasingly looking for new customers, and spend money increasingly in the market as global institutions. Chinese Internet companies have to quickly find physically in particular in western markets – especially the Silicon Valley – mainly to leverage local analysis and data talent. Therefore, I thought it was interested in focusing on one of these pieces.

Baidu’s work in the field of machinery and the field of EA is found by Badi Research, which is headed by Chief Scientist Andrew Knog. Prior to joining Beadow, Nig was a director of the University of Stanford University, and founder of the team who developed Google’s mind.

Like Google, the American giant that it is often abundant, Bedo has automatically invested in research and development in every existing fashion arm of automated cars and health care automatically with personal help Is it

Before going before some of their cases of use, one thing is worth considering, the potential benefit is that Bedro prevails over his rivals. China’s strict rules on the use of Internet means that most citizens do not have access to Google or too western Western online services – meaning that Google knows a lot about them. A monopoly on Chinese data like Ba’d and Alibaba as well as a monopoly on collecting personal data in their home market – can collect data from US and EU users in foreign markets. . Seeing China’s large population, it is clear that Bado is here in a beneficial position, when it comes to large data plans in a wide range of behavioral databases. At the top of this, China’s rules and regulations around the transfer of personal data and sales are generally considered less robust than the United States or the European Union. This means that the quantity of “gray market” data is available to Chinese countries for a very little cost.

As the service of the AI

Like Google, Bedo’s primary service is also found – the battery is related to an account for 75% of traffic traffic in your country. Here, the audio and image identification, as well as machine learning algorithm to help you get more useful, more useful and more personal results, as well as natural language processing.

Baidu also offers its own technology to third parties, such as other companies who want to benefit from the ER revolution but are not the resources to promote their own algorithms and applications. Many of its software and systems are open source and it also provides access to its technology as a “service-based” basis. Businesses and organizations pay only for storage and computing resources to host their own data and run their analytical projects in the cloud.

Another recently revealed in Biodiversity, which has increased the fact (AR) integrates its machine learning with its ongoing innovation. Mostly seems that this work currently focuses on marketing, such as the Creative AR advertising campaign for audio clients such as KFC and L’Oreal. However, it has also started re-using R to restore important historical monuments (especially, nine ancient city gates). Along with this allows the visitors to view sites’ structures as they had already visited and the modern age took their toll, technology is being built in the search engineer’s search function, such as Google What’s with your Google Maps service. It is available anywhere.

In health care, the BBC doctor’s plan can focus on implementing a chat program about the machine and gat-learning program that can only diagnose the disease like a human doctor with the disease’s sound input. The company has stated that it is a long term objective to make “medical robots” – which is familiar with the fans of science fiction, thanks for the development of machine learning, closer to becoming a reality.

Source: Baidu


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